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, the director of numerous classics, or near-classics or fantastic films you’ve never seen, returns with a new movie.

The Canadian filmmaker, who won an Oscar for The Barbarian Invasions, is currently editing Two Nights (original title Deux Nuits) starring , and Éric Bruneau.

The romance revolves around a love triangle consisting of an architect, his beautiful wife and a young, emotionally instable woman whom he meets on a conference in Toronto.

Apart from this rather vague plot outline we know, thanks to, that Two Nights will be segmented into three parts, each taking place in a different season and a different place: Paris, Toronto and the region of Quebéc.

It’ll also mark a tonal change for the director. Arcand stated that the contemplative romance would be less "chatty" than his previous fare.

The director’s last film, The Age of Ignorance (original title: L'âge des ténèbres), was met with mixed reviews when it premiered in Cannes roughly 7 years ago.

Although I found the dark satire a bit of a muddled affair it was a movie full of great ideas, keenly observed moments, and despair about the world we’re living in. If you spot it somewhere give it a watch. It's an interesting movie with an ending that could very well have been interpreted as the director's farewell to cinema.

It's good to have him back!

Expect Two Nights to premiere at one of the big film festivals next year.


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