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Sophie Atkinson

Oh dear. I know I'm getting old because I had to watch the new 2 Guns trailers twice to listen to the dialogue. Can I get a stronger hearing aid, doc?

I suspect it isn't just me, and they are in fact talking pretty darn quickly. So to boil it down for newbs:

2 Guns centers on a DEA agent () and a NCIS agent () who are the victims of a scam - they end up investigating one another when they believe they're stealing money from a mob. When they figure out that they've been set up by the CIA, they'll have to join forces to return the money and stay alive.

The first trailer is pretty loud and lots of fun! It's full of fast cars, that crazy rock n roll music the kids are listening to these days, Denzel and Mark exchanging quips, guns shots and the odd explosion. If you like your movies amped up to the max, you'll probably enjoy this trailer a lot:


The second trailer is a little more slow paced, and is probably aimed at the older action viewers (I guess that'll be me, then!).


Is it just me or is Denzel and Mark's love/hate super chatty dynamic just a little reminscent of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in famously chatty screwball comedy, His Girl Friday?

Check out the clip below and let me know what you think:


2 Guns will be blasting its way to a cinema near you on August 2, so get excited!


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