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File this away under the category of "Pretty Freaking Cool". Jayse Hansen, well-respected freelance visual artist, has opened up on his website about the painstaking process of redesigning the HUD for Iron Man's Mark VII suit for Iron Man 3:

In addition to designing a few new elements for the existing Mark VI HUD (previously designed for Iron Man II), I had the challenge of designing an entirely new, upgraded HUD for Tony Stark’s most advanced suit to date – the Mark VII.

For research I basically taught myself how to fly using whatever I could find: books, videos and flight simulators. I filled over three notebooks for the HUD alone with ideas.

's face has never looked so robotically good. Hansen's entire website is well-worth checking out for the rest of his extensive collection of Iron Man artwork. Lots of cool background information about his design work on The Avengers, and Planet of the Apes as well.

Finally, check out this video goodness if you can't be bothered with that whole reading stuff thing.

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