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Any fan of ABC political drama Designated Survivor will tell you that Speaker of the House Kimble Hookstraten owned her role as the designated survivor of the Republican party. A formidable opponent for anyone who dared to cross her path, Hookstraten never backed down from a battle. At no time during her tenure could the term "weaker sex" apply.

That's why it came as a shock when Virginia Madsen, the actress who portrays Kimble Hookstraten, announced via a response to a fan's tweet that she would not be returning to when its second season debuts this fall.

Madsen, who has more than 76,000 followers on Twitter, saw just how much her character meant to Designated Survivor viewers when the hashtag was born, and the demand for her TV return is only gathering momentum.

Twitter isn't the only place where devastated fans of Kimble Hookstraten can be found. Hidden Remote has published "5 Reasons Why Letting Virginia Madsen Go Is A Major Mistake," and a petition asking ABC to bring back the actress is currently doing the rounds at

Though no one knows why Kimble Hookstraten is being eliminated from the series, according to TVLine, series star , who appeared at ABC’s Upfront event last month, teased the addition of “no less than three principal characters to round out the complexities of running the White House.”

It's disappointing that Madsen is not returning to the series, and with three other actors being added to the lineup, some segments of the fandom are upset by this sudden change to their show. Whether or not ABC will take notice of the outrage over Hookstraten's departure remains to be seen, but if the news is correct, this decision could have a major effect on the ratings for the next season of Designated Survivor.

Designated Survivor, Season 2 will begin airing on the ABC this fall. Will you continue to watch the series without Virginia Madsen? Sound off in the comments below.

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