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The explosive Season 1 finale of Designated Survivor saw Hannah Wells saving the day once again, and the soulless mercenary Nestor Lozano finally get what he deserved. But Lozano was only ever the muscle behind the whole True Believers operation. Someone much more manipulative and evil is still at large, waiting to wreak havoc on the Kirkman Administration and any Americans who dare to stand in his way. Who is Patrick Lloyd, and why do we need to know? Spoilers ahead for Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 22.

Who Is Patrick Lloyd?

We first encountered Patrick Lloyd in Episode 18 "Lazarus." The former CEO of the now supposedly defunct company Browning Reed, Wells and Forstell discovered that it was Lloyd that purchased the property where the Desmond Lesgarth (the decoy Lozano) was killed in an FBI raid.

Like Lozano, Lloyd also served in the military. Before founding Browning Reed, he was stationed overseas with the Army Special Forces. It was during that time that he began forging relationships with arms dealers and various private security companies, which he clearly maintains up to the current day.

Why Did Patrick Lloyd Found The 'True Believers'?

While Lozano, MacLeish and the other men in their unit became radicalized after their failed mission in the Middle East, it's unclear what caused Patrick Lloyd to found the True Believers. Discovering his real motivation will most likely be a major plot point of Season 2.

Patrick Lloyd 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]
Patrick Lloyd 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]

After the Season Finale, Patrick Lloyd is the only member of the True Believers that remains at large. His deputy and the mole within the White House, Jay Whitaker, was taken into custody in the final moments of the season finale. It seemed for a brief moment that Lloyd might be captured as well, but after crafting a complex cloaking system that duplicates his digital footprint all over the country, it looks like it's going to be a while before Wells is able to track him down again.

What Will Patrick Lloyd Do Next?

As we learned from Hannah Wells's brief cruise on that ocean liner, Browning Reed must have international connections. Lloyd might try to escape the United States, but for a self-proclaimed "true believer" in a distorted version of the American dream, it seems more likely that he will hide out Richard Langdon-style, biding his time until the True Believers can strike again.

While Tom Kirkman is enjoying a surprising surge in popularity at the moment, sporadic terror attacks from the True Believers could easily stir up fear and destroy faith in the young administration. Patrick Lloyd will no doubt do everything in his power to tarnish the country's faith in President Kirkman, laying the groundwork to swoop in on a fragile and frightened America by the end of Season 2.

Designated Survivor is on hiatus until the fall, but you can rewatch Season 1 right now on Netflix.


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