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Spoiler Warning: Spoilers ahead for Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 18 "Lazarus."

Things are starting to move pretty quickly on , and it can be hard to know exactly whom to trust. ABC's new series might not be quite as complicated as, say, House of Cards, but things are starting to get much more confusing in this version of Washington DC. In order to make Hannah Wells proud and get to the bottom of this whole thing, we'll need to know a little more about a certain key player: Nestor Lozano.

In the first part of Season 1, we only knew Lozano by his codename, Catalan. Now that Agent Wells has cracked the case a little wider, we know he's actually former army major and CIA operative Nestor Lozano. After kidnapping Wells at the end of the last episode, it looks like he's the Big Bad we've got to worry about now. But just how bad is he? Let's delve into some important questions to figure out just who Lozano is and why we should be very, very worried.

What Was The Relationship Between Lozano And Peter MacLeish?

Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]
Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]

Lozano was a CIA operative, going undercover as a soldier in MacLeish's army unit during their tour in Afghanistan. Alvin Joyner, one of the other men in the operation, explained that on November 14, 2005, the unit escorted Lozano to a covert meeting with an Afghani war criminal in order to deliver him some cash. The meeting went south and the warlord turned on the Americans. The warlord began hunting down the soldiers one by one, and they soon disregarded their training and began slaughtering innocent people.

Lozano revealed to the unit that he was really a CIA officer, and the cash he had been delivering was $5 million, meant to be used by the Afghanis to fight against the Taliban. The soldiers were enraged, and demanded Lozano's own life as retribution for the lives that they had lost. It was MacLeish who stepped in to defend him, reminding them that Lozano was only following orders.

When Did Lozano Join The True Believers And Why?

Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]
Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]

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The exact date of his induction into the radical organization behind the Capitol Bombing, the True Believers, is unknown. What we do know is that it happened sometime after he and MacLeish returned from their disastrous and devastating tour in Afghanistan.

The government covered up the failed mission. It was this refusal to acknowledge the sacrifice and risks they had made that led to the radicalization of Lozano, MacLeish, and the rest of the unit that served on that mission. They joined the True Believers in order to try to bring about a new world order with America at the forefront and the True Believers at the forefront of American policy.

What Crimes Has Lozano Committed?

Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]
Nestor Lozano 'Designated Survivor' [Credit: ABC]

Lozano is a known mercenary in the service of the True Believers. While it's possible he's being compensated for his work, it's more likely he's doing it out of his own desire to bring about destruction to current system.

In "Lazarus," we learned that it was Lozano who paid Al-Sakar to claim responsibility for the Capitol Bombing, thanks to the intrepid research of journalist Abe Leonard.

Lozano also carried out the assassination of Majid Nassar. How did he manage to do it? The former learned that Agents Wells and Atwood would be interrogating the terrorist leader and, rather than risk Nassar giving away his own innocence, Lozano snuck into the prison as a security guard and poisoned Nassar.

Before that, we saw that Lozano — who we knew back then by his codename Catalan — was going to carry out the assassination of President Kirkman in Season 1 Episode 10 "The Oath." After that attempt failed, a decoy pretending to be Lozano left the building. The fake Lozano was found hiding out while President Kirkman was undergoing surgery, and acting-president Peter MacLeish gave a shoot-to-kill order in order to prevent the target from being questioned.

Did MacLeish know that the man was only a decoy? Almost certainly. While MacLeish would have done anything to carry out his plan — including killing innocent people like President Kirkman — we know how protective he was when it came to the men that served under him in the army. He refused to kill Al Joyner, even though his wife encouraged it. Therefore, it seems unlikely he would have agreed to kill Lozano.

Now we know that the man killed that day was really a decoy named Desmond Legarth, a former Army veteran and Browning Reed employee. Lozano is still alive and well, hard at work carrying out crimes to further the conspiracy of the True Believers.

His latest crime? Kidnapping Agent Hannah Wells.

Designated Survivor returns with Season 1 Episode 19 "Misalliance" on May 3 on ABC. Watch a sneak peek of Lozano and Wells meeting face to face below.


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