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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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If there’s one thing the Despicable Me films have taught us it’s that even a super villain can become a good guy with a little effort and a lot of minions. After literally trading the moon for his newly adopted daughters in the first movie and finding love with an Anti-Villian League agent in the second, the world is eagerly anticipating just what the third installment has in store.

With Despicable Me 2 making close to a billion dollars and the lovable spin-off Minions actually pushing past that colossal monetary mark, this Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures animated franchise became the first non-Disney animation to go beyond that eye-wateringly huge box office benchmark. The recipe for success? A brilliant script, exquisite animation and of course, an excellent Despicable Me 3 Cast.

Announcing the addition of South Park creator Trey Parker to the cast back in April, fans are desperate to know who’s playing who in the film, which is due for release on 20 June, 2017, so let’s take a look.

Felonious Gru - Steve Carell

Without Steve Carell there would be no Gru, and without Gru there would be no Despicable Me. Reprising his role as the super villain-turned-super dad it looks inevitable that the great Minion boss will be roped into yet another adventure, especially now that his long lost twin brother, Dru, is on the scene.

Gru Fun Facts:

  • The accent Carell chose for Gru is a mixture between Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban and Hungarian-American actor Bela Lugosi, famous for his portrayal as Count Dracula in the original 1931 film.
  • Gru's profile resembles an emperor penguin because emperor penguins take care of their young (aww).
  • Carell thinks that even though Gru has become a father, he’s still a super villain underneath:

"I feel like you still see that dark side of him and when push comes to shove, he is an evil mastermind and he always will be. He's reformed, he can't be that anymore because he has kids. His career has to change but his sense of self doesn't really."

Dru Gru - Steve Carell

So far, little is known about Dru, Gru’s long lost twin brother who makes his debut appearance in the third movie, but we do know he will also be voiced by Steve Carell. Given that Gru and Dru are nearly identical apart from the fact that Dru sports an attractive full head of blonde hair and all-white attire, we can expect there to be themes of sibling rivalry afoot!

Dru Fun Facts:

  • He looks remarkably like Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra.

Lucy Wilde - Kristen Wiig

Agent of the Anti-Villian League, wife of Felonious Gru and now adoptive mother to Margo, Edith and Agnes, Lucy is quick thinking, independent, incredibly enthusiastic and remarkably cool-headed in an emergency - although prone to overacting in the face of an impending cupcake related disaster.

Lucy Fun Facts:

  • Lucy was not the first character Kristen Wiig played in the Despicable Me movies, she also voiced Miss Hattie, the mean all-girl orphanage matron in the first film.
  • Kristen has described Lucy as a ’sweet badass.’
  • When asked if she thought she would make a good spy herself, Kristen told Collider:

"I can’t tell a lie. I wouldn’t be able to. I’d just be like, “Hi. I’m spying on you. I’m on a mission. I’m sorry. That’s going to be me over there in the car with the binoculars.”

So we’ll take that as a no then.

Balthazar Bratt - Trey Parker

The evil villain of Despicable Me 3 will be Balthazar Bratt, a former ‘80s child star, still reeling from the fact that his show was cancelled after he hit puberty. In order to take vengeance for this cancelation, he decides to take over the world. Naturally. His weakness? Being mocked. Which is perhaps not difficult to do judging by his ‘80s inspired fashion sense.

Balthazar Fun Facts:

  • Trey Parker is one of the creators of the infamously devious adult animation South Park. He is no stranger to voice acting, playing several roles in South Park as well as in his feature film Team America: World Police.
  • Despicable Me 3 will be the first time Parker has performed in a film that he hasn’t directed himself.

Margo Gru - Miranda Cosgrove

The eldest of Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde’s adoptive daughters, Margo is sensible, blunt and quite untrusting of people at first. She is easily irritated by her sister Edith who has a passion for jumping into puddles but adores youngest sister Agnes, especially when she says cute, childish things. Now at an age where boys are on the scene, Margo may well be pushing her dad to despair in the upcoming movie.

Margo Fun Facts:

  • We still do not know exactly when Margo, Edith and Agnes arrived at the orphanage.
  • When auditioning for the role, Miranda wasn’t actually told anything about the film, or the part she was auditioning for. The casting directors just asked her to come in and read some lines which weren’t taken from the movie itself!

Edith Gru - Dana Gaier

Edith is the middle, wilder sister of Margo and Agnes, and the adoptive daughter of Felonius and Lucy. She’s a tomboy who sees everyday objects as ‘toys’ to play with, such as Gru’s weapons. She is also extremely clumsy, known to accidentally destroy her sisters toys and break glass bottles which contain poisonous substances.

Edith Fun Facts:

  • Edith is never once seen without her kneecaps or pink hat.
  • Dana recently wrapped filming indie film The Ice Cream Truck and is also currently studying at UCLA
  • She is the most underdeveloped of the sisters, so we have room to find out a lot more about her in the third film.
  • Dana loves that Edith is not a girly girl, and that she can still rock wearing pick even though she’s a total tomboy.

Agnes Gru - Nev Scharrel

The youngest (and cutest) of the adopted sisters, Agnes has a huge love of unicorns, is extremely trusting and has a big heart. She is not particularly needy but she does depend on Margo a lot. She is also very stubborn, if things don’t go her way she has been known to hold her breath and pretend to faint until she gets what she wants.

Agnes Fun Facts:

  • Agnes has a very similar appearance to Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph and Boo from Monsters, Inc.
  • Her phrase ‘It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die’ has become a viral internet meme.
  • In the first two movies she was voiced by actress Elsie Fisher, but in Despicable Me 3 she will be voiced for the first time by Nev Scharrel.

Kevin, Bob and Stuart the Minions - Pierre Coffin

The three most famous of all the minions and the protagonists of the 2015 film Minions, Kevin, Bob and Stuart are loyal henchmen to their master, Felonious Gru.

Kevin, Bob and Stuart Fun Facts:

  • These three were the first minions to ever be born.
  • Kevin is the leader of the minions.
  • Bob is the only minion to be shown as completely bald.
  • Stuart is the only minion to be identified in all three movies: Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Minions.
  • The minions speak their own creole-like language known as ‘Minionese.’ The English-sounding words in their lexicon are actually dubbed for each different country to make them mildly recognizable to the audience.
  • Pierre’s biggest inspiration when he plays the minions are his own children, telling the Guardian:

"Every time I work on a scene or I work on the overall movie, I had my kids unconsciously in mind. Is that going to please them? Is it going to be funny for them?"

Which is your favorite Despicable Me 3 cast member?

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