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Mark Newton

Soon Detroit residents everywhere will be able to feel a little bit safer as RoboCop is finally coming to the city, for real.

OK. Maybe that's a bit over-the-top, but Detroit is getting a 10-foot tall statue of the original RoboCop, Alex Murphy.

The campaign started after a plucky RoboCop fan tweeted the Detroit mayor asking if there were any plans to erect a statue of RoboCop. His reply was unfortunately negative, but it didn't take long for the internet hive-mind to pull together and start a Kickstarter campaign. They managed to raise $60,000 which will go to producing and erecting the statue.

Today, we've got some new images and a video which shows the statue in production at the Venus Bronze Works in Detroit. Currently, the team are finishing off the long process of crafting 2 to 4 foot long pieces which will act as molds for the bronze. Check out some of the photos and video below:

Pretty awesome stuff, right?

If you had to have a statue of a movie character in your town? Who would you pick? Let us know below.


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