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Be still my beating, -craving heart! Devon Sawa (a.k.a. the hot human version of Casper the Friendly Ghost literally every girl and probably boy crushed the ghoulish pants off in 1995), wants to bring Casper back to the big screen. And my lord would we be OK with that.

Back in the mid-'90s, Casper was one of those movies that had something for everyone: Cool outsider girl Kat Harvey (Christina Ricci), tick; embarrassing father, tick; creepy ghosts, tick; friendly ghost that turns out to be super cute boy, tick; bitchy school kids, tick; sick Halloween party you wish you could throw but would never be allowed to, tick; mechanical chair that did everything you never dreamed a chair could do and you needed it in your life, tick. It was so, so good that we would still gobble this up pretty much instantly — even 22 years later.

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Enter Sawa's recent flurry of teasing tweets, which dangle the possibility of a Casper 2 (if you don't count Hilary Duff's straight to video one) right in front of our eager little faces. On January 26th Sawa tweeted:

"Alright, I know it's been awhile.. but I think I'm finally ready to do a Casper sequel."

But then promptly retracted the statement, replacing it with, "Actually I'm not ready for Casper 2. Good night." Huh?! Why say anything if you're just going to snatch it away!

But then, a blink of an eyelid later, Sawa returned to the Twitter-mill with:

Make up your mind, kiddo. You may be a father of two now but to us you'll forever be Casper, so please don't toy with us.

Would you love to see a Casper 2 movie?


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