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must have one of the most recognizable faces on television right now. Despite this, the Dexter star seems content to abandon a life in front of the camera, for a career behind it. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Hall will become executive producer on a new Showtime project based on the Matthew Specktor novel, American Dream Machine.

The novel, which releases this Spring, tells the tale of a Hollywood talent agent and his troubled sons. The narrative will cut back and forth between their early years in the 1970s and their current lives as Hollywood royalty.

Although Hall is expecting to cast himself in a small role in the project, he will be placing most of his effort behind the scenes. This move follows a recent episode of Dexter, for which Hall sat in the directors chair. However, this isn't Hall's first time at exec producing, as he also took on the role for for much of Dexter's run.

Specktor, the original author, is currently working on a first draft of the the American Dream Machine script, although Hall has also brought Dexter showrunner Scott Buck on board to supervise the process.

What do you think? Are you glad to see Hall expanding his career, or would you prefer to see more of him in front of the camera? Let me know in the comments section below.


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