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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Say what you like about - go on, she can't hear you - but you gotta admit she's interesting. She's been a stripper, a writer, an Oscar winner, and now she's trying her hand at directing. Beat that, !

Her new project, Paradise, follows shy, sheltered Lamb () as she transitions from faithful member of her ultra-conservative flock to fully-fledged Vegas wild child. But this is not about a good girl gone bad, rather, a sheltered girl gone independent.

The director marries her usual blend of smart, snarky humour with a graceful, crowd-pleasing touch. Paradise is an indie film that the masses can enjoy, strongly reminiscent of her break-out smash Juno, and giving the nod to a host of clever, quirky teen-flavoured movies, such as the excellent Saved! and Easy A. The trailer showcases Cody's impeccable comic timing.


Paradise shows that there is more to come from the versatile Ms Cody, who has revised scripts for movies as diverse as Burlesque and the revamped Evil Dead, as well as penning her own projects.

The new movie is likely to raise a few eyebrows with its playful yet provocative take on the traditional conservative Christian upbringing, but Cody is no stranger to controversy. The lingering lesbian kiss between and in Cody's horror flick Jennifer's Body easily garnered as much attention as the film itself. However, Paradise has its sights set firmly on laughs, and with the recent success of female-fronted Bridesmaids, we can only hope this comedy gem goes far.


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