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Not too long ago, it was revealed that David Ayer's next DC film would be Sirens. Sirens will be based on the Gotham City Sirens line of comics. Gotham City Sirens may not be as well known as some other DC titles but it's definitely worthy of a cinematic feature.

Director and producer , will be following up Suicide Squad with Sirens. Ayer is currently working on Bright with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton so he'll probably begin working on Sirens upon completion of Bright.

The comics will likely have a lot of influence on the film, along with leading an all-female team of villains attempting to rid themselves of a common threat. Margot Robbie has already introduced us to Harley Quinn so it's only logical that she would be the lead in Sirens.

Details on the plot of Sirens have been scarce, as it sits in early development. Only known detail included in the initial report indicates that Harley Quinn would be at the center of the film, while the actress who plays Harley Quinn, will fill a dual role as actress and executive producer on the project. Geneva Robertson-Dworet has been penned to write the screenplay for Sirens alongside David Ayer.

Sirens Is On A Fast Track For Production.

No other information on Sirens has been divulged as of yet but the initial exclusive, which provided the scoop on, Sirens also indicated that the film is on a fast track for production so it's quite possible for Sirens to fill a set release date for either late 2018 or 2019.

Warner Bros. doesn’t have a release date for Sirens, but the project is now on the fast track.

Warner Bros. Studios currently has several DC films in development, including Justice League Part One and Two, as well as Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash next in line so it might be some time before Sirens gets an official release date. However, the indication of Sirens being on a fast-track could see Sirens taking the slated spot for another DC film, perhaps Ben Affleck's standalone feature?

Ben Affleck's Standalone Batman Film Might Not Happen.

recently mentioned his troubles with prepping for production on the film and even cited his concern for his standalone Batman film even being made.

A report from The Guardian provided the comments made by Affleck, in regards to his feelings on the Batman standalone film.

That’s the idea. But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.

Considering Affleck's doubt for his Batman standalone feature being made, dropping the film would open up a slot for Sirens so the announcement of Sirens being officially moved up the slated films list could signify the indefinite delay of Ben Affleck's Batman film.

Moving beyond when Sirens will debut, what's of more interest is what we'll see in the film. We already know that David Ayer and Margot Robbie are setting up Robbie's Harley Quinn to assemble a team of female DC villains but the plot and story are still a mystery. We have no idea how Sirens will connect to the rest of the DCEU or how much of the comics will play a part in the film, including which villains Harley Quinn will recruit for her team.

Seeing as how Catwoman and Poison Ivy are prominent characters in the Gotham City Sirens line of comics, it would make sense for them to be part of the film as well, but it's unclear if either of them will be Harley Quinn's compatriots in the film. That said, another known villain could easily be transplanted into the role of Catwoman or Poison Ivy, if either character doesn't fit within the context of the plot established in Sirens. Though, it's more probable that both and will be the featured characters of Sirens.

Could Sirens Feature A Cameo From A Well Known DC Hero?

Aside from the villains of Sirens, another intriguing aspect that many are failing to consider are which heroes might make their way into the film.

One of the more prominent heroes in the Gotham City Sirens line of comics is . Dick Grayson is highly recognized as Batman's first sidekick, and then , but he plays a different role in Gotham City Sirens comics.

In Gotham City Sirens , Grayson assumes the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne is presumed dead. Throughout the series, Dick Grayson/Batman makes several appearances which go under the radar but Grayson remains as Batman for a good amount of time.

Is Dick Grayson Going To Become Batman For Gotham City Sirens?

In regards to why Dick Grayson is relevant here is because there's a good chance he'll either have a prominent role in Sirens or will be spoken of in at least one scene. The more plausible scenario will likely depict Batman/Dick Grayson arresting one of the Sirens before she joins up with the rest of Gotham City's Sirens; similar to how Batman arrested Deadshot in the prologue of Suicide Squad.

Grayson's dual identity in Sirens might not be Batman (at first) since there's already a well established Batman in Bruce Wayne but, there's a good possibility that by the time Sirens premieres, the Bruce Wayne Batman of the DCEU will be presumed dead, leaving the mantle of Batman open for someone like Dick Grayson. In that scenario, Dick Grayson could believably become the next Batman of the DC Extended Universe.

On the flip side of that argument, some could argue that Dick Grayson is dead within the DCEU, when accounting for a deleted scene in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice displaying Grayson's gravestone in the Wayne family cemetery.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Deleted Scene.
Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Deleted Scene.

The image of Grayson's gravestone could easily be misleading for a number of reasons, especially when several Robin easter-eggs in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice have been deemed irrelevant so this one can be disregarded as well. Keeping that in mind, Dick Grayson might still be alive in the DC'EU despite this gravestone clearly indicating he's in a grave.

If Dick Grayson doesn't make an appearance in Sirens, he probably won't be utilized at all. Even though fan outcry for a Dick Grayson/Nightwing to appear in the DCEU is becoming quite popular, it may never come to be. And when we account for the only other plausible place to introduce Dick Grayson being the unscheduled Batman standalone film (which might not happen), Dick Grayson may never appear in the DC Extended Universe.

The Only Logical Place For Dick Grayson To Appear Is In Sirens.

Since the Batman standalone film is expected to focus on an on-going conflict with Deathstroke, there probably won't be enough time to devote to a character like Dick Grayson since he has such a rich comic history that would need to be explored in detail, in order to faithfully depict the character on-screen.

To sum it up, the only plausible place for Dick Grayson to make his first (only?) appearance in the DCEU would be in Sirens. If there's no indication of Dick Grayson's existence in Sirens, then he probably won't have a part in the DCEU; unless there's somehow a Dick Grayson/Nightwing spinoff on its way to pre-production and that's been the big plan for Grayson all along - but highly unlikely.

Or in an even unlikelier scenario, Ben Affleck's standalone Batman film could see some massive changes being made to the script, to where Deathstroke is scrapped and Dick Grayson replaces him as a featured character in the film, still highly unlikely.

Do you think Sirens should feature a Dick Grayson / Batman cameo? Or a prominent role in the film? If so, who should play Dick Grayson / Batman since Ben Affleck can't portray both Batman?


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