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Decades after his 1964 performance alongside Julie Andrews as Bert — the cockney jack-of-all-trades in legendary actor Dick Van Dyke is returning in Walt Pictures' sequel. Watch him enjoying his 'Jolly Holiday' with Mary in the original blockbuster:

In an uplifting feature titled "Creative Until You Die" for the The Hollywood Reporter, the 91-year-old expressed his delight at returning to the magical storyline at heart of Mary Poppins Returns. He said:

"This one supposedly takes place 20 years later and the kids are all grown up. It's a great cast — Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury and that guy [Lin-Manuel Miranda] from Hamilton."

Extraordinarily, on the approach to 100-years-old, it seems that retirement is in no way on Van Dyke's agenda:

"I think it's the worst thing you can do. Certain people who do retire suddenly age. I think you have to stay active. I've always been active, but my motivations have changed. In my 30s, I exercised to look good. In my 50s, to stay fit. In my 70s, to stay ambulatory. In my 80s, to avoid assisted living. Now, in my 90s, I'm just doing it out of pure defiance."

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— starring Emily Blunt as the magical nanny — will take place 20 years since the final, flying kite sequence at the end of the 1964 classic.

'Night at the Museum' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Night at the Museum' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

But don't get your chimneys out for Van Dyke to tap dance all over just yet — it doesn't look like the actor will actually be reprising that particular role.

And while it's still unknown in what capacity he will actually appear, we do know that the story will take place in Depression-era London and follows the lives of a grown-up Jane and Michael Banks. Following a personal loss, they are visited once again by Mary Poppins who injects some joy and wonder into their world.

As well as Emily Blunt and Dick Van Dyke, Colin Firth is apparently also joining the star-studded cast.

Mary Poppins Returns will be released on December 25, 2018.


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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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