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Ever since we were introduced to Tyler Posey's Scott McCall and Dylan O'Brien's Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf, we've been under the impression that these characters and this show were a completely separate entity from the classic movie by the same name starring Michael J. Fox.

Even through the entire series there is little evidence to prove that the show and movie share any continuity with each other. That being said, there are only two characters who were carried over from the movie and show — Coach Bobby Finstock and the fan favorite, Stiles Stilinski. Every other character in the show had no connection to the movie. The closest name or character connection besides Finstock and Stiles is the main character Scott's last name being changed from Howard to McCall. The school itself was even changed from the Beacontown Beavers to Beacon Hills Cyclones.

While the Stiles in the movie and in the show share the same nickname and last name, the key difference is that the TV Stiles's real name has never been divulged. It has purposefully been kept a secret. However, the movie Stiles's name was Rupert.

It is obvious by now that this is not TV Stiles's name since we have seen a few flashes that suggest otherwise. Coach Finstock's inability to say his actual name is also solid proof; I mean, it's not that hard to say Rupert — Ru-pert. So, why change the character's actual name? Just to annoy fans?

What purpose does all this have? Why change every character's name in the show, including altering Stiles Stilinski's real name? I guess it could just be a way of completely differentiating the show from the movie, but I think the change in genre and medium is enough. The original movie came out in 1985 before the young adults that the new show caters to were even born. It seems like a pointless endeavor to me.

For a while, the idea of the show and movie being connected in the same universe has been rattling around in my head. I mean, the world of the the show is expansive and has made a point in proving there are almost more supernatural beings than normal people in this world, so a much larger universe wouldn't be a stretch.

What Connections Do The Show And Movie Hold?

In this week's episode "Sundowning," we are introduced to a wider history of the Stilinski family. Sheriff Stilinski (Stiles's father) explains that the nickname Stiles is actually a family nickname, and while he didn't use it, his father did.

I was getting all built up for a big reveal that Stiles's grandfather would end up being named Rupert and it would softly connect the movie and show. I wasn't given that satisfaction; however, his name ended up being Elias. While it is disappointing, it doesn't crush my hopes.

While we still have no one named Rupert to make a solid connection with, the detail that the nickname Stiles was essentially inherited means that others in their family might have it as well. It's a stretch, but it's a fun idea for fans to play around with. Maybe Sheriff Stilinski has a brother or cousin never mentioned before.

While it's unlikely the showrunner Jeff Davis will never officially connect the show and movie, I think that he went out of his way to change every important character's name and the high school's name so that the door would always be open for this possibility. The tidbit of Stiles being a Stilinski family nickname is a nice little bone thrown for anyone who wishes to connect the dots.

Who knows, this could lead to either spin-off shows made to connect the two further or even another Teen Wolf movie made. Jeff Davis even discussed the idea of making a TV movie to tie up the entire series, and that could be a way to bridge the continuity together.

If nothing else it could lead to some cool fan fiction.

What do you guys think? Could the Teen Wolf show and movie secretly be connected? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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