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Game of Thrones' , who plays Tyr in 's Thor: The Dark World, let a massive bomb drop about a long-time rumored character that is set for next year's Guardians of the Galaxy. Look no further if you want to avoid SPOILERS!

When speaking on the differences between American and British actors, Russell let slip that he "worked with in a scene in which he was meant to be quite angry".

Check it out for yourself!

(via YouTube)

Quite angry... Huh. Assuming that Russel is talking about The Dark World, then it looks like we might be seeing The Collector a year earlier than expected! The question is, would it be a post-credits scene, or part of the story? It would make the most sense for a Guardians of the Galaxy set-up to follow Thor. I wonder if we'll get that rumored Strange cameo as well...

Is The Collector going to pop up in Thor: The Dark World?

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