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The world's most dysfunctional family returned for 's , and among the hugging and daddy issues, we finally solved the mystery of who popped a bun in Meredith Quill's oven that rolled over from 2014's first film. It was certainly a family affair as Gunn retconned the storylines and made the spherical mass that was Ego the Living Planet into Star-Lord's actual father. Elsewhere, Drax dropped an Easter Egg about his daughter — the comic book character Moondragon — and Quill's grandfather also had a cameo. However, were we too blinded by a dancing shrub to miss another member of the Quill family tree right in front of our eyes?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Something Is Bugging Me

The theory has been doing the rounds on Reddit thanks to user JHM1982, and suggests that 's Mantis shares more than just a hatred for Ego with 's Peter Quill. Should we be set for some Return of the Jedi reveal in Vol. 3 and face facts that Mantis is Star-Lord's sister?

Let's not forget that Star-Lord actually has a sister in the comic books, but with no sign of and co. introducing Star-Lord's comic book father, a.k.a. Jason of Spartax, or Quill's half-sister Captain Victoria, Mantis could easily be the 's answer to this. After losing a mother and TWO fathers, Quill could certainly do with a family pick me up other than a bear hug from Drax.

So, let's look at the facts: Mantis told us that she was rescued from her home planet in her larval stage, but what if Ego was sticking to his deceptive past and was lying to her all along? It is unknown what brought Ego to her planet, however, it could easily be what took him back to Earth: to visit/kill off someone he pretended to love. Her backstory was certainly a throwaway part of the film and doesn't need expanding on, but at the same time, we easily could.

No Bones About It

Elsewhere, we all remember the big reveal as Gamora and Nebula came across an abandoned cavern full of Ego's children and the shocking shot of their bones stacked high after many unsuccessful searches for his Celestial child.

So, what made Mantis special then? When asking why Mantis wasn't just tossed onto the bone heap, there are actually two options that both work. We saw how Ego had a serious case of insomnia on a par with the Elm Street kids — seeing Mantis as useful, perhaps Ego decided to keep her around to help him sleep easy. The other option is that she persuaded him to keep her alive on her own. Mantis revealed to our Guardians how her touch can not only help her empathize with people but also influence them. She may have used her woman's touch to spare her own life from the deity dictator.

Interestingly, the comic books referred to Mantis as the Celestial Madonna, so is it just a coincidence that the MCU just so happened to introduce the ideas of Celestials in its sequel? The big thing to take away from this is that the duo teamed up to take down Ego, which would be all the more poignant if they really are related and give us another Star Wars comparison.

There is of course a big flaw to this, if Mantis did carry the godly powers of Ego, he surely would've put his expansion plan into play years ago and saved us the whole hassle of the Star-Lord saga and the loss of Yondu *sob*. However, even if she just carries the non-Celestial part of Ego, it is an interesting theory to follow and would still have her related to Quill.

While Gunn is yet to confirm or deny the family connection, it is also possible that he is saving more family melodrama for Vol. 3. Mantis and Peter had about five lines between each other in the film, but with Klementieff seemingly all aboard the team, expect their interactions to grow. We'll keep our feelers out on this one, but don't count on Gunn shooting down the theory just yet!

Check out Mantis in action in Vol. 2 and don't forget our poll below!


Are Mantis and Star-Lord related?

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