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Its time to do some digging, because it looks like fans of J.A. Bayona's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have just unearthed some dino-sized news. As the sequel to 2015's Jurassic World, Bayona's film promises to be the biggest "Jurassic" adventure yet. Apart from an all-star cast of old and new faces, we still don't know what to expect, but rumors suggest that we could be introduced to a particularly toothy newcomer when the film is released in June 2018.

That's A Wrap-Tor

We all remember how director Colin Trevorrow engineered the Indominus Rex for 2015's film, but now it looks like Bayona is planning on one-upping the situation. Although Trevorrow is still signed on as co-writer, the proverbial dinosaur eggs are now in the hands of Bayona. Production has just wrapped on the film, and Trevorrow shared a snap to celebrate. The tweet shows a particularly stoic looking Bayona staring into the jaws of a ferocious-looking dinosaur. While it could easily be the classic jaws of Rexy the infamous returning T-Rex, fan-site Jurassic Outpost isn't quite so convinced.

Fans are already guessing that these jaws of death belong to one of the weaponized dinosaurs the deceased Vic Hoskins had been planning to create in Jurassic World. The jagged array of teeth, plus Trevorrow's cryptic tweet certainly tease something new. To add fuel to the fire, Jurassic Outpost then lightened the image to reveal that the color tone is much darker than your classic Rex, and it is highly unlikely they would just plonk another Indominus Rex into the feature.

Not only this, the Frankenstein's Monster already has a name: Meet the IndoRaptor (like the Indominus Rex). The name hasn't just been plucked from the brilliant mind of Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm, it's been officially registered for copyright by Universal itself. The site also reminds us of producer Frank Marshall's blunder, in which he only recently used the word "IndoRaptor" in a tweet. It may have just been a mistake (and Marshall later corrected it), but all signs point to an awkward Freudian slip.

[Credit: Twitter @LeDoctor]
[Credit: Twitter @LeDoctor]

What Did You Rex-Pect?

We all saw the trouble that the Indominus caused with only a hint of Raptor DNA, so just imagine what a more streamlined version could do? Alongside the T-Rex, the Raptors have arguably been the stars of the entire franchise and featured most prominently in Jurassic World. Ironically, the idea of weaponized dinosaurs is nothing new, but will surely be met with some criticism. After the mixed reception to 2001's Jurassic Park III, there were plans to do a fourth film long before Jurassic World. The idea was for the army to take over and pretty much strap machine guns to the head of carnivores, a'la Austin Powers with sharks and lasers.

Undoubtedly, Bayona and co. wouldn't be literal and cheesy enough to attach a gun to a raptor's head, but the idea could've done the same as the film's critters and come back from extinction. Taking the scaly scares off-island certainly opens up a whole host of new opportunities, and what with seeing B.D. Wong's Dr. Henry Wu escape the second Isla Nublar incident with a clutch of hybrid DNA, things don't look good for man vs. monster. Either way, with everything wrapped, we should expect some hint of a trailer or teaser to come lumbering out of the jungle sometime soon and send ripples through the water.

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