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For a moment while watching Kong: Skull Island, it crossed my mind that it wouldn't be the end of the world if we never get to see this supersized incarnation of the big ape fight Godzilla. This was already a brilliant creature feature by any standard, and once you've seen Kong snap the jaw of a demented underwater lizard-dinosaur with the rage of a thousand suns, where's left to go?

But Godzilla vs Kong is happening, and the pressure is on for Legendary and Warner Bros. to make sure its epic monster vs. monster face-off is even madder than Skull Island. While we don't know yet what it is that brings about the titular conflict of that movie, one scene in could be read as a pretty major act of foreshadowing about what to expect from that war.

In the movie's breakneck opening sequence, a young WWII pilot crash-lands on the sun-drenched sands of Skull Island. Immediately after, a Japanese pilot follows suit, draws his weapon, and tries his best to catch the American. A chase results in a fight on the edge of a high cliff face, which is swiftly interrupted when Kong rises out of the mist and scares the living shit out of both men.

More Kong:

In the present day, an older Marlow (John C. Reilly) reveals that he and his Japanese counterpart Gunpei (actor-singer Miyavi) actually became great friends during their time together on the island — until Gunpei was killed by a monster. The point is, though, that the American and the Japanese overcame their differences.

Godzilla vs Kong is pitting the most famous of all the Japanese kaiju against the ultimate American monster. Just like Marlow vs. Gunpei, but on a macro level rather than a micro, it's a fight that represents the warring superpowers from the 20th century. And just as Marlow and Gunpei got over their beef pretty fast, it's easy to imagine that Godzilla and Kong will unite to fight a common enemy long before the credits of that movie roll.

Essentially, it's going to pull a Batman v Superman. I'm not saying that their moms are called Martha, or that Godzilla is as wooden as Henry Cavill, but clearly a bigger enemy will be revealed in that movie. It could be King Ghidorah, but I'm more sold on the idea that the kaiju will get their heads together and come to the realization that the ultimate enemy is, as always, man himself.

Godzilla vs Kong doesn't hit theaters until 2020, which is plenty of time for some great creative mind to spin a plausible idea about why Godzilla and Kong might be going for each other's throats, and also for Kong to grow big enough to stand a chance.

Whatever. I just don't want him to end up like his parents, alright?

'Kong: Skull Island' [Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.]
'Kong: Skull Island' [Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.]

So sad.

Does Kong stand a chance against Godzilla, or will the monsters realize that man truly is the ultimate enemy?


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