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Has RPatz secured his California Gurl?

The rumors have been rumbling for a while about and , particularly since attending a Bjork concert recently together. For me, it's still unclear whether this is a serious hookup, or they're helping each other out after tough breakups. The bigger question is: what's KStew's reaction to all of this speculation?

Well, first of all, she believes the 'they are a couple!' rumors! AND she reckons she had it all sussed. In fact, she always thought the pair of them had a spark.

"Kristen was never fully comfortable with Rob and Katy's relationship. She always suspected he had a soft spot for her," a source told Grazia. "She's furious that the pair seem to have got together without so much as a word to her." In addition, it's said she's "paranoid that something could have gone on before she split with Rob."

Let's be honest, it's much cooler for her to do the whole 'i knew it all along!' than the 'NO WAY, that would never happen' thing. For me, Kristen's keeping face here by saying she always had an inkling. Still, it's not nice to see an ex move on quickly, so her apparent anger makes a lot of sense.

What do you think? Are RPatz and Katy Perry definitely a couple? Is it natural for Kristen to react in this way? Get in touch below!


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