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I wasn't crazy about 's Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2, but I thought was incredible as Justin Hammer. In fact, I love Justin Hammer. He's like that friend most people have had at one point or another. You know the one; thinks he's Odin's gift to women or something.

Anyway, cast your minds back to the end of Iron Man 2; Hammer is arrested, but according to these storyboards created by John Mann (via Comic Book Movie), the original plan was to have War Machine (under Vanko's control) blast Hammer in the chest at the Stark Expo. This wouldn't have changed much in the movie, but it would have been devastatingly exciting.

Check out these high resolution storyboards:

Hmm, makes you wonder why they cut this out of the movie. Too dark for the kiddies, perhaps? Or, maybe he's being kept in reserve for a sequel?

They probably realized that if they kill off all of Iron Man's villains that the potential for returning in sequels and Avengers tie-ins is wasted. Not saying Hammer will be returning - he probably won't - but it's good to keep the options open so as not to push Joss or any of the other MCU writers into a corner.

Do you think War Machine should have killed off Rockwell's character to make the movie more exciting, 0r are you hoping for some more Hammer time in the future? Let us know by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below, and click the follow button at the end of this sentence to stay in the loop with all the Iron Man news. [[follow]]



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