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Note: Minor spoilers for Supergirl Season 2 finale, "Nevertheless, She Persisted." The producers of Supergirl made the right choice in bringing the show over to The CW for Season 2. Even though it had a smaller budget on a smaller network, the move allowed the writers the freedom to do what they wanted, turning into something truly special.

This season had many highlights — the introduction of Superman and Miss Martian, the amazing relationship between Maggie and Alex — that all led to a thrilling war of the worlds. With all this going on, there was one interesting tidbit that some people may have missed.

Could Someone Be Coming For Kara Next Season?

The episode started off with and Supergirl sparring, due to Clark being under the influence of silver kryptonite. He was only fighting because he hallucinated that Kara was his greatest enemy General Zod. So Kara literally knocked some sense into him, and also finally answered the question of who would win in a fight between the two Supers (Supergirl, duh).

And then they somehow managed to get to the Fortress of Solitude. I'm not really sure how, with both of them incapacitated and Daxam ships all over National City. Did Alex fly them? But that's not really the point. Clark, Kara and Alex then engage in an ancient ritual involving Kara challenging Rhea in a battle to save the world.

This is where things start to get interesting. When Kara was taking the smackdown to Clark, practicing for the big battle, he mentioned something massive, something gigantic in the realm of DC Comics. He mentioned Warworld! This is the second time this was mentioned this season (the other was when Supergirl fought Draaga.). Coincidence? I think not.

Does This Mean Mongul Will Be In Supergirl, Season 3?

Mongul in 'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Mongul in 'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Mongul is one of the greatest villains in the . He's also responsible for one of the greatest stories ever written, when he used the Black Mercy against Superman. Also, he's one of the few people that is almost as physically powerful as both Superman and Supergirl.

In all honesty, Mongul shouldn't be the main villain for Season 3. Supergirl's last two villains were nothing more than shallow, petty dictators. Rhea tried to destroy a world just because her son wanted to stay on Earth. I know, I know — way too overprotective.

But just imagine seeing Mongul and his planet Warworld during the traditional midseason finale Arrowverse crossover of all four shows. This could definitely top last year's "Invasion!" episode and would be a fun way to have the villains pitch in to help save the world, too.

As someone who is an admitted fan of the , if something is mentioned a couple of times throughout the season, then it usually means showrunners are setting something up down the road. Seeing Mongul and his Warworld would certainly be a spectacle to behold.

Supergirl Season 3 is likely to kick off in early October, 2017 on The CW. Do you want to see Mongul in the Arrowverse? Sound off in the comments below.


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