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The entertainment industry has been abuzz with huge casting news this summer, and with so many iconic roles needing to be sorted, rumors have been flying fast and free about everything from Batman to Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to Star Wars. So, before I go any further, let me state that the following is as yet unconfirmed and has not, in fact, been officially released by LucasFilm or Disney. Are we all on the same page? Yes? Great, let's continue.

The original source for this is Jedi News, which also originally broke the story that Emperor Palpatine would be returning for Star Wars 7. According to the site, (Yeah. Really.), the stunning Latvian actress known from her roles in Black Swan and TV show The Lost Girl, is being looked at for the role of Princess Leia and Han Solo's daughter. If true, that would be fantastic. But before you get too excited, let me tell you that the site didn't specify if she'd actually sat and read for the role, or if and crew have simply been considering her for it. So take it with a grain of salt, but the truth is almost certainly that Solo (Ksenia, not Han) is attached to the role in some way.

The second bit of casting news is more concrete, as it came from the source himself. A correspondent of the same site, from Star Wars Report, apparently spoke with Spartacus star , who revealed he'd read for the role of a Jedi - though he wasn't saying which one. We can assume it wouldn't be a minor role, considering McIntyre's status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Even though this news is exciting, however, there's no guarantee they'll land the roles, or even that they'll end up being the front-runners. The production company will be casting Star Wars 7 extremely carefully, being well aware of the huge backlash that followed in the wake of the last three films. They'll want to atone for those, so we can expect the casting process to be a thorough one.

If the rumors are right, which Jedi would you like to see McIntyre playing? And do you like Solo as, er, Solo's daughter, or do you have someone else in mind? Let me know in the comments.

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