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Wonder Woman has enjoyed great success with fans and critics alike. It's broken box office records as the biggest domestic opening for a female director, and with a rating of 92 percent, it's currently the third-highest-ranked DC superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes (just one percent behind 1978's Superman, while The Dark Knight sits pretty at 94 percent).

Setting a new standard for the , Wonder Woman has also set up the upcoming Justice League, with the Amazonians confirmed to return in November's superhero epic, and an inevitable sequel for Diana Prince and co. And not only that, but the film also teased the cinematic introduction of a certain fan-favorite archer.

Wonder Woman: One Queen Heralds Another Queen

[Source: DC Comics]
[Source: DC Comics]

When Queen Hippolyta tells Diana the story of Ares' revolt against Zeus, we're shown the silhouettes of many gods standing atop Mount Olympus. While the silhouettes were given to us in what amounted to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the figures of two gods in particular were clearly visible. Those two gods were Poseidon and Apollo. The most noticeable figure among the silhouettes, Poseidon could be seen wielding his trident while positioned at the front of the assembled gods. The silhouette of Apollo was positioned away from the others, yet distinctive due to the bow he was wielding.

Of course, fans of Grant Morrison's JLA — the monthly comic book that ran from 1997–2006 — will recognize this as the Greek mythology correlation. It was in JLA that Morrison began to pair members of the Justice League with the Gods of Olympus — so Superman being Zeus, Batman being Hades, the Flash being Hermes.

By knowing the Greek mythology correlation, we're able to match the current roster of Justice League members with the Greek gods atop Mount Olympus in : Superman being Zeus, Batman being Hades, Flash being Hermes, Wonder Woman being Hera, Green Lantern being Hephaestus, and Aquaman being Poseidon.

So now that we've matched the gods to the members of , where does that leave Apollo?

God Of Light — And Archery

In the past, many fans have associated Apollo with the Green Lantern, due to Apollo being the god of light. Although, it's unlikely that DC would reveal the god's bow during this tease if it were hinting at Green Lantern. The most likely scenario? DC is planting the seeds for a future appearance. It would make sense for DC to bring Green Arrow into the fold, given the character's popularity thanks to The CW's Arrow.

[Source: The CW]
[Source: The CW]

This isn't the first time that DC have referenced the Greek god correlation. In the Central City Police Department seen in The Flash, there is a portrait hanging of the Greek gods. This etching has appeared prominently within the Arrowverse and depicts Zeus (Superman), Apollo (Green Arrow), Hera (Supergirl) and Hermes (Flash). Of course, there is still Hades (Batman), Hephaestus (Green Lantern) and Poseidon () to be revealed in the .

The CCPD Greek Mural [Source:The CW]
The CCPD Greek Mural [Source:The CW]

The inclusion of Oliver Queen in the DCEU would be a bold move on Warner Bros.' part. Ever since it was announced that DC would be setting up a shared universe, fans have clamored for Stephen Amell to be the one to portray Green Arrow. That's unlikely to happen, so as to avoid confusion among casual viewers. There is also the small matter of The CW having to write off every character that the DCEU wants to include — looking at you, Deadshot — meaning that for Green Arrow to appear in the DCEU, he would have to be written out of The CW's Arrowverse.

Although, we've seen in the past few years that Warner Bros. is willing to play ball with The CW — the movie studio has allowed Supergirl to use Superman, Arrow to bring back Deathstroke, and The Flash to continue to use, well, the Flash — so a Green Arrow appearance that coincides with the TV series is never out of the realm of possibility.

While this is the first reference of Green Arrow in the DCEU, the Arrowverse has teased Wonder Woman on several occasions, most notably in Season 3 of The Flash when Barry and Snart pass a prison cell holding Cheetah, Wonder Woman's greatest adversary.


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