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The third season of Gotham has been the biggest and best outing for the Batman prequel series yet. This year, the show has taken great lengths in furthering the Batman mythology with the introduction of the Mad Hatter, the rebirth of Poison Ivy, Edward Nygma's transformation into The Riddler and, of course, Jerome Valeska's reign of terror as he became The Joker. It's been quite a season for the series and the excitement continued into Monday's explosive two hour season finale.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Gotham Season 3 finale.

After last week's exciting episode saw the deadly Alice Tetch virus released upon the city, the finale of the series focused on the GCPD's efforts to stop the destruction and devastation before the city truly went mad. Meanwhile, Gordon was experiencing a trauma all of his own after being infected with the virus.

However, in spite of all the chaos that plagued the city, there was only one thing on our minds — the impending arrival of . For several months now, 's executive producer John Stephens has been teasing the introduction of the clown princess of crime, and many of us had begun speculating that Barbara Keane would become Gotham's unique version of the iconic character. However, as the credits rolled on the season finale, fans were disgruntled that, despite the anticipation, Harley was nowhere to be seen... or was she?

Barbara Keane Was Electrocuted

'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]
'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]

Due to the theories and speculation relating to the character, all eyes were on Barbara Keane during the season finale. However, we were proved wrong — Babs never became Harley. During the episode, Barbara tried to take over the city but Butch Gilzean decided that he would no longer take orders from from her, so the former bodyguard hatched a plan with Tabitha to take out the queen of Gotham once and for all.

Before the plan could take flight, Butch was shot by Barbara and the furious female set out to get revenge on her former girlfriend, Tabitha. Tabitha tracked Barbara down to their safe house and the two women engaged in physical combat. However, before Barbara could get the upper hand, Tabitha used her whip to knock over a nearby lamp that electrocuted her foe, sending shockwaves right through her. Barbara fell to the floor, unconscious, and it appeared as if she was dead.

Will Barbara Come Back To Life As Harley Quinn?

Despite her apparent death, it's highly unlikely that Gotham would kill off one of its greatest characters. Moreover, considering there had been so much speculation about Barbara becoming Harley Quinn, perhaps Babs will return from the grave as the famous comic book character. And while we're on the matter, it's worth making note of the similarities between Barbara's electrocution and Harley Quinn's origin story.

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

Quinn, formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, transforms into the villainous vixen after the Joker sent electroshocks into her brain — a scene that was recently depicted in Suicide Squad. With this in mind, it's entirely possible that the Gotham writers are setting the scene for Barbara to (finally) become the Joker's right hand gal.

Additionally, with both John Stephens and David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) suggesting that Harley Quinn would arrive during the Gotham season finale, there is likely more to this than meets the eye. If Barbara was to become Harley, then technically she would have been born in the season finale, meaning that there is truth to Mazouz and Stephens' statements. Regardless of what happens, one thing is for sure: with Harley Quinn on the way, the citizens of Gotham had better prepare to put a smile on their faces.

Gotham returns to Fox in the fall. What do you think about Harley's arrival on the show? Tell us in the comment section below.


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