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(WARNING: The following contains some mild, indirect plot SPOILERS for the most recent episode of Star Wars Rebels, albeit largely in the form of the discussion of background Easter Eggs. As Yoda so sagely advised Taylor Swift that one time, say I did not say I did not warn you, do not.)

Now, with ' third season seemingly going from strength to strength, it's perhaps not all that surprising that its creative team is feeling increasingly able to throw some riskier narrative elements into the mix. Indeed, the show's latest episode, "Through Imperial Eyes," was a perfect example of this, offering a glimpse of the post-Republic era through a very different lens — that of the Imperial "bad guys" we've spent our whole lives hating.

The most intriguing element of the episode for many fans, however, was less its narrative content, and more the cunningly hidden it brought along with it — the nerdiest of which was, in fact, very nerdy indeed. Y'see:

'Star Wars Rebels' Just Threw A Very Niche Yoda-Themed Easter Egg Into The Mix

'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]
'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

Specifically, that one, up above.

Hidden in the background of Admiral Thrawn's office, the above helmet is, superficially, simply a neat visual reference to the Clone Wars, and their ill-fated soldiery. For fans long-since trained to spot the less obvious, though, it immediately meant a whole lot more. Y'see, we've seen that particular clone trooper before.

And, in fact, we've seen that helmet — and the head within it — be removed from the trooper in question's body by none other than Master himself, way back in :

'Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Yup, that's right. The helmet we just saw in Star Wars Rebels was, it seems, the very same one that once belonged to a clone trooper commander named Gree, who met his end while underestimating Yoda in the immediate wake of Order 66.

What's more, we can be pretty certain that the reference is official, seeing as Rebels art director Kilian Plunkett recently revealed to the behind-the-scenes series "Rebels Recon" that the helmet in question was indeed intended to match Gree's. The team, it seems, were originally going to leave the helmet blank, until it was decided to do "something that will make some people obsess on it." And so, according to Plunkett:

"...we turned it into Gree’s helmet … we’re not saying 100% it’s definitely Gree’s helmet, but I’ve only ever seen that paint scheme on one helmet."

In other words? Welcome back, Gree. You're...still dead. But, on the plus side, you're now a super-creepy pseudo-museum exhibit.

OK, so this all kind of sucks for Gree, but it's fun for the rest of us, so that probably makes this the sort of thing where we'll just collectively ignore the implicit colonialist horror and pretend that it's just a neat visual nod to the prequels, right? Right?


What do you think though? Are you super excited to celebrate the beheading of a soldier who was just trying to do his job, YOU MONSTER? Let us know below!

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