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Matt Carter

If you've seen the recent red-band trailer for the Evil Dead, you'll know that it's packed full of severed limbs, sliced tongues and vomiting zombies. What you may not know is that all these gruesome special effects were made without the aide of CGI. That's right, there's not a digital pool of blood in sight, as all the grisly gore was created on set, with the film makers researching magic tricks and illusions to make limbs disappear and get the bloody shots they wanted.

There's one thing that they forgot to make disappear though. If you look closely at the red-band trailer again, you'll notice in the tongue slicing scene a black tube is visible entering the mouth of the possessed girl/zombie/crazy person. Check out the still (via Blooy Disgusting) to see what I mean.

Big respect to IMDB member NightOfTheChickenDead for spotting the error and although it's not a huge mistake, I'm surprised that no one picked it up before the trailer was released. Check out the red-band trailer again if you want to see the tube in action, or you can just check out the trailer again because it's fully awesome.

Evil Dead hits theaters April 12th and you can keep up to date with all the latest gruesome developments if you [[follow]] the movie.



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