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Director confirmed that will indeed be naked in X-Men: Days Of Future Past in a single tweet. He also tweeted a photo of that leaves a lot more to the imagination.

As Comic Book Movie points out, there's been tons of speculation that the Game of Thrones star could be Puck or MODOK. However, Singer has put these rumors to rest in the past. Now, everyone is speculating that Dinklage will be appearing as Peter Trask, the film's main villain who's responsible for creating the Sentinels because of a similarity in facial hair:

If you believe in the absolute continuity of each and every X-Men film ever made, however, this is not possible. played Trask in X-Men: The Last Stand. Still, I'm probably going to go ahead and believe that Dinklage is the "real" Trask. It's just one of the many ways that Singer will hopefully rewrite the mess that was 's addition to the franchise.

Now if we could just confirm , everything would we perfect:

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