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Chris McKay is an up-and-coming director set to bring Batman's former sidekick, Dick Grayson, to the big screen in Nightwing. On Twitter, the The LEGO Batman Movie director opened up about his passion for the project by answering a series of questions from fans. One of the most notable was the expectations he has for the actors interested in playing the leader of the Teen Titans. McKay said the actor who plays has to be dedicated.

Based on his comments, it's clear that McKay wants to tap into all the qualities that make up Dick Grayson, from his highs to his lows and everything in between. McKay passionately expressed what it was like growing up watching Dick's life play out.

There's no denying that is one of the comic book world's most popular sidekicks. The director admits that it may not have always been that way, especially for . He discussed what Dick Grayson's evolution was like going from sidekick to full-fledged hero in his own right.

McKay's quotes were backed up by DC, who went all in on Dick Grayson as he grew into his Nightwing persona. As the story goes, Dick realized he was outgrowing the sidekick role and needed to spread his wings (pun intended). So, the young hero dropped the name and role of Robin and took his talents to Bludhaven, as Nightwing to establish himself as a solo hero. Part of what made Robin was his unique view he gave us of Gotham — according to McKay — who went on to express how the dynamic between the Boy Wonder and The Dark Knight felt real.

Without a production date or cast, McKay taking the time out to speak with fans about his upcoming film will surly give fans something to look forward to. The good news is we don't have to wait very long before we get to see Nightwing depicted in live-action — and will debut , a live-action TV show about the Teen Titans starring Detective Dick Grayson.

What direction do you want Chris McKay to take the Nightwing movie?


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