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I've always loved director . He's always straddled the line of being completely professional and a loose cannon. Narc and The Grey will always be two of my favorites. Carnahan was attached to direct a remake of Death Wish, but that project fell through once the studio pushed for to star in the role made famous by . MGM then attached and Carnahan got mad. Like, enraged. Here's the letter he sent to MGM exec Jonathan Glickman:

"You had a potential Oscar-winning film with maybe the best script in Hollywood but because you're a coward and a dumb c--- you now have an untested, second-time director and an arrogant, lazy, aging action star that will run that poor kid into the ground."

"Good luck, asshole. You're a spineless, gutless turd who doesn't belong in the business. Enjoy your run as a 'studio head,' Glickman. It's going to be a short one. F--- you, Joe Carnahan."

Carnahan's camp now says that the letter was a joke. They say that Glickman has the letter framed in his office. But that comment about Bruce Willis. Ooph.

Carnahan is currently filming the movie Stretch with .

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