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Tino Jochimsen

After being portrayed as a sleazy hellhole where human lives aren’t worth a cent in The Counselor and in F/X’s The Bridge, Mexico might want to up its public relation efforts.

And it’s not getting better:

Director , who delivered a sizeable box office success with the -starrer Prisoners, is considering to direct the Mexico-set thriller Sicario.

The movie would center on a female cop from Tucson who is accompanying two delta force-esque rangers over the border to hunt down a Latino drug kingpin.

According to Deadline the movie will be firmly set in No Country for Old Men terrain with Mexico (again) pictured as a country where violence and depravity rule the day. Magnifico!

Villeneuve should be an ideal choice for Sicario, however, considering that the movie will presumably delve into morally murky waters, with the two rangers being nothing more than mercenaries.

The best scenes of Prisoners dealt with questions of right and wrong, and how far the ends rectify the means.

Let’s see how these questions sound in Spanish!


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