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This year, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) hit astronomical heights with the release of Wonder Woman. Not only was Princess Diana's (Gal Gadot) solo adventure a hit among audiences and critics, but the movie is closing on earning a billion dollars worldwide. Now, it seems that Wonder Woman's impressive streak has yet to slow down because the movie is now receiving some early Oscar buzz.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight, director Patty Jenkins talked about the unprecedented success that has been enjoying. For her, Wonder Woman's success can be measured beyond its box office haul, but in how it affected audiences everywhere.

"There is something about this movie [Wonder Woman] that felt like it was speaking to [women] more than they had seen before because of the point of view being slightly different. I think that has been remarkable ... It’s wonderful, it’s what you hope for. You work so hard on [films] for so long, everybody that makes them hopes for success in every way they can possibly get it. So it’s felt very lucky and incredible to get both.”

Now that the latest movie is generating some serious Oscar buzz that's not limited to the technical achievements, it seems that Wonder Woman's acclaimed run isn't over yet. Jenkins herself couldn't believe that her comic book movie could be an Oscar contender, as evidenced in this quote below:

"It’s an amazing honor. It was never what we thought. You don’t make a movie like this assuming it would happen so, wow, it is an honor."

Should Wonder Woman qualify for major Academy Awards such as Best Screenplay, Best Actress in a Leading Role or even Best Picture, this will be the second time Jenkins made a movie that has caught the attention of the Academy. Previously, her critically-acclaimed crime-thriller Monster (2003) garnered Charlize Theron an Oscar for Best Actress, among many other accolades.

If Wonder Woman does become an Oscar-nominated film (outside of the technical categories), it will become part of an elite selection of superhero movies to have achieved this prestigious honor.

Superhero Movies And Their Oscar Misfortune

Even if Wonder Woman manages to land nominations in time for next year's Oscar season, Princess Diana's popularity among viewers is not enough to guarantee the much coveted golden trophies that are synonymous to the Academy Awards. Superhero movies seem to have the worst luck when it comes to the Oscars, with many successful movies failing to be acknowledged by the Academy in way that that fans deem appropriate. Previously, superhero movies could hope for are technical achievements, such as Best Editing, Make-Up and Hairstyling, Sound Editing or Visual Effects - but Wonder Woman buzz suggests that it may be nominated for categories across the board.

To date, the most prestigious Oscar that a recent superhero movie won was for Best Supporting Actor, which the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight nabbed thanks to Heath Ledger's iconic performance as the Joker. Sadly, Ledger won the Oscar posthumously following his death before the movie hit cinemas.

'The Dark Knight' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'The Dark Knight' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Ledger's stand-out performance and his subsequent Oscar has helped the Academy take note of the tremendous efforts seen within the superhero genre. That being said, fans are still waiting for their favorite crime-fighting performances to earn Academy Awards - but the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman may be the film to finally break this trend.

Even months after its initial release, Wonder Woman continues to break new ground. The next Oscar season is still a few months away, and only time will tell if Diana of Themyscira and her fellow Amazon warriors will be able to defy the odds and make their mark on the Academy Awards.

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