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There is so much combined effort at the heart of blockbuster-producing machines like Studios that it's never really surprising to hear that the same movie saw three or four different directors attached to it. Particularly when it comes to movies, a lot of people on the project will actually navigate back and forth, sometimes even returning years later when an old script makes it out of the drawer it was stashed in.

Wonder Woman director , for whom it took 10 years to get the Amazon origin story made, had exactly one such journey between movie studios: Before working on Wonder Woman's live-action film, she was on the board for Thor: The Dark World as a director, though the project later went to Alan Taylor. Perhaps it's because both these heroes are outsiders with extraordinary powers, but Jenkins found that a lot of the themes she wanted to address with eventually ended up in .

Wonder Woman And Thor Are 'Very Similar'

Speaking to, Jenkins explained that she saw a lot of similarities between Wonder Woman's and Thor's stories:

"I mean they're very similar in a lot of ways. It's a lot of the same questions and a lot of the same struggles that I was interested in Thor's story or here."

While Diana is faced with what Steve Trevor calls "the war to end all wars" (and finds a damsel in distress in the person of Steve), Thor has to deal with the Convergence, a rare event where the Nine Realms align — and flies to the rescue of Jane, who's infected by the Aether.

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'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

However, she doesn't regret at all not making the Thor sequel, since she got to set the stage for Wonder Woman herself:

"[...] It was the second movie so it would never have been as pure and as simple of an arc, so I really think it was meant to be that I ended up doing this one, which I had always wanted to do anyway. And I got to do it in a kind of bigger and purer arc rather than putting it in that other story."

From the looks of it, Wonder Woman is set to be a trailblazer in more than one category: It's a female superhero blockbuster, it's a DC movie aiming to be positive and upbeat, it's a war movie that doesn't take place during World War II... Let's hope it meets our expectations when it comes out June 2!

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