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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was an real money maker for Disney — which probably aided in the decision for the studio to hire its co-director, Joachim Rønning, for Maleficent 2. Rønning will step in for Robert Stormberg, who directed the first film. Maleficent was big time hit for Disney, grossing over $758 million worldwide, so this puts some heavy pressure on the 45-year-old director taking over the reigns.

Before came calling, the Pirates 5 co-director was mostly known for his film Kon-Tiki, which became the first Norwegian film to be nominated for both a Golden Globe and Academy Award. Dead Men Tell No Tales marked his first English language film and was also a commercial success worldwide.

'Maleficent' [Credit: Disney]
'Maleficent' [Credit: Disney]

The original was a live-action remake of Sleeping Beauty, with Elle Fanning starring as Princess Aurora. Yet this wasn't a story about the sleeping princess, as Disney opted to give fans a look inside the woman who made Aurora the Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent, which starred Angelina Jolie as the titular figure, was an empowering story of love, courage and inner change. This granted fans an opportunity to explore and understand Maleficent's actions. In the end, the story tells a loving tale of a woman thought to be evil, who in the end, had a heart of gold.

Although cliche, a happy ending concluded the film, so it'll be nice to see what the next step will be for the once-evil fairy. Rønning will have a good team around him with Angelina Jolie set to reprise her role and Beauty and the Beast writer Linda Woolverton also returning. I, for one, can't wait to see what's next for Maleficent.

What are you expecting to see in Maleficent 2? Did it even deserve a sequel? Let me know down below.

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