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The directorial merry-go-round for Spectre continues to turn with Deadline now reporting that Skyfall helmer is in negotiations to return to the franchise. There's been a ton of speculation on whether Mendes would come back, especially considering he's working full time preparing for the West End launch of the stage musical Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, which will then move to Broadway, plus a theater production of King Lear. Mendes's commitment to these stage productions is one of the reasons he gave for not wanting to return for the next installment of Bond, but it's believed that Bond 24 producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are prepared to wait for him to work through his theater commitments and he will begin work on Bond 24 early next year.

I'm going to wait until Mendes has officially signed on before I get out the bunting and start celebrating the director's triumphant return, as he has said in the past that the thought of returning to the franchise makes him "physically sick."

In the meantime, Variety has ran a story suggesting that Sony Pictures has drawn up a shortlist of directors they want to helm Bond 24 should Mendes not return. One of the names on the list is Drive director , fresh from getting booed at Cannes for his latest effort Only God Forgives. The shortlist also includes (Hulk, Life of Pi), (Iron Man 3), (Les Miserables, The King's Speech), and (the last few Harry Potter movies). While a Winding Refn Bond would no doubt be an interesting installment to the franchise and a Shane Black effort would probably see the suave spy team up with a sidekick for a Buddy Bond movie, these directors are probably only being linked to Bond 24 because they've recently scored cinematic success and not because they are viable options for the franchise.

We've compiled our own list of some alternative directors we would like to see get the gig in the future, even suggesting some alternative Bond's should decide to hang up his Walther PPK (if you're reading this Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, we think would make a fantastic Bond!).

As of now, the only certainty about Bond 24 is that it's being written by Skyfall scribe John Logan and is slated for release in 2016, but if you [[follow]] the movie you'll get all the updates and latest developments as they drop.



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