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Unfortunately, is going through another misstep. Yesterday, the film lost its brand new director, Rick Famuyiwa. During his time at the helm, Famuyiwa was in deep pre-production, casting both Iris West and Henry Allen. What will happen to those choices after his departure is unknown, but at the moment the top priority for both and is to find a new director. The film, which stars Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster, was aiming for a March 2018 release. Will it still make it on time? Probably not.

From what it seems, and his partners who shepherd the cinematic universe really hope for a fun, witty, action-centered film about the character, which is unsurprising due to the fact that these are all aspects that identify with Barry Allen as a character. Though the studio clashed with Famuyiwa's take because of its edginess, it is still a step backwards for the film that will definitely take a toll on the as a whole. Here are five directors that would really turn the ship towards the right direction.

Tim Miller

Now that his Deadpool sequel is out of the way, there is now room in Tim Miller's schedule to make way for The Flash. The director, who made one hell of a debut, has worked with DC many times before, but instead of going back to making video game cinematics, he seems fit to direct a film for the studio. Miller, who had already clashed with a studio-led shared universe, deserves another chance to do what he wanted to do with the Deadpool sequel — a funny film that also creates great set pieces. It has already been proven that Miller can construct lovable characters, which is very useful, especially when it comes to Allen's origin. Even if he doesn't get the job, he will always have the movie to express his passion for speedsters.

Dean Israelite

Dean Israelite is a director with a lot of unseen potential. The filmmaker made his first impressions with the small Michael Bay-produced project . In the film, he took a very ambitious idea and created a contained, though disposable take on time travel. Though the writing was not the best thing his debut had to offer, he did show that he does have talent. His style was visually captivating, using both young unknowns and a compelling concept to elevate the material. This was probably 's reasoning when they hired him onto 2017's reboot. The trailer made the film look like a smaller-scale, character-based movie that expands and fleshes out the teenagers with attitude. Dean Israelite's stylistic eye, as well as his eye for young talent, could really put The Flash back on the right track, making the film fun and visually on point.

J.J. Abrams

Now that is out of the way, J.J. Abrams should be boarding a new project soon. Most of his work post-Episode VII has mostly involved producing and consulting on projects like the newly established Cloververse, 11.22.63., and . Choosing a new project to follow up the most influential franchise of all time may be challenging, but The Flash may just be the right project for the director. Abrams is a storyteller, and is arguably the Spielberg of this generation. He knows how to make characters and knows his way around a big-budget blockbuster. Recently, everything J.J. Abrams has touched has turned to gold. If Abrams approached Warner Bros. with his version of the film, I doubt that they would decline. To be realistic, his past projects with DC have fallen apart before, making it understandable if he were not to work with them again.

Christopher McQuarrie

Chris McQuarrie is a fantastic writer who creates with depth, passion, and wit. His work, from The Usual Suspects, to his fantastic script in Edge Of Tomorrow, makes McQuarrie one of the top choices to make a Flash movie. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which he directed, is a great showcase of what this director is capable of. His movies are fun, edgy, and creative. The Flash needs clever and unique ways to bring something new to the table, and McQuarrie is very much capable of it.

Kevin Smith

Why ? The real question should be "why not?" Though Smith has been very hit or miss as of late, all the director needs is a great script. Once that is down, Smith can create something absolutely magical. He may be the underdog on this list of top-tier creators, but he also may be the most passionate. His work on The Flash television show resulted in what is arguably its best episode. "The Runaway Dinosaur" is full of heart, character moments, action and should be considered the test run for the actual thing. It was nothing short of fantastic, and embodies what a Flash movie should be. Smith knows the character, and as a massive fan should resonate to Flash fanatics like ourselves.

For those who watch The Flash TV show, you'll recognize the fight club scene below. Let's hope we can see something equally awesome in The Flash movie!

Who do you think should direct The Flash?


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