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Now, while we may live in an era of ever-greater scientific and cultural discovery, with every year seemingly bringing more ingenious inventions and unusual creations to the fore, we also live in an era where the quickest way to make a buck is sometimes to shamelessly remake anything and everything that was beloved 30 years ago, in the hope of pulling in some of that sweet, sweet nostalgia money.

And, so, because financial prudence demanded it, we will soon see a remake of Catskills-based classic hit the small screen, with doing the childhood joy-siphoning honors this time out. And, because we always have your back:

Here's Our Best Look Yet At The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

'Dirty Dancing' [Credit: ABC/Guy D'Alema]
'Dirty Dancing' [Credit: ABC/Guy D'Alema]

Yup, that's right. That's a shot of Baby being lifted into the air by Johnny, while in a lake. Which, if that's the sort of thing you have a fond memory of, is presumably all the incentive you need to tune into ABC on May 24 at 8pm EST.

Just in case that's not enough, though, here are several more images that look similar to, yet subtly different from, the original movie you know and love, courtesy of the film's stars' social media accounts, and our modern culture's obsession with remaking all of the things that we collectively once loved:

Ready to nostalgically recall a time when right-wing celebrity presidents were widely liked and respected, irrespective of the terrible things they said or did? Willing and able to pretend that the presence of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze wasn't fully 60 percent of why you loved Dirty Dancing so much in the first place? Happy enough to see Debra Messing on TV that you'll watch literally anything, even The Mysteries of Laura?

Well then, buckle up those dancing shoes, because Dirty Dancing is coming for you, and it actually looks far better than it has any right to be.

Nicely played, ABC. Nicely played indeed.

What do you think, though? Are you super excited to watch Baby once again be put in a corner, and then removed from it? Let us know below!

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