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Because entertainment companies still don't fear the wrath of fans who'll defend their cult classics with a fiery passion, a remake of the iconic Dirty Dancing has been commissioned as a TV movie for ABC. Starring Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin, it seems to be eager to stick close to the 1987 movie, but so far it's mostly been getting infuriated comments from aficionados across the globe.

Earlier this month we got the opportunity to look at the first stills from the movie, which confirm that the remake has gone down the faithful recreation route rather than a new interpretation, and now the first footage has landed. From "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" to "The Time of My Life," the iconic moments are there, but is the chemistry?

Watch The New Promo Of ABC's 'Dirty Dancing'

Debra Messing, who plays Baby's mother in the remake, shared the first promo for the new Dirty Dancing on her Twitter account. Newcomer Colt Prattes is tasked with the difficult, if not impossible challenge of stepping into Patrick Swayze's shoes, while Breslin looks like she lacks some of the defiant confidence that Jennifer Grey gave Baby in the original.

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The TV event will premiere May 24 on ABC, but so far it hasn't been drawing much positive attention. Though the network will probably be able to rely on a nostalgia effect and the curiosity of some, it's a shame the remake doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table.

We'll have to wait until its release to see if it deserves a spot alongside those epic Dirty Dancing fails:

Will you watch the Dirty Dancing TV event when it airs? Or would you rather plan a throwback session and watch the original again?


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