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Eszter Simor

Do you like The Thing? Yes? Then you wanna hear about this.

"The Old Soviet Union kept many secrets: genetics, DNA, bio warfare..." Does this sound like a good starting point for new, horrifying sci-fi thriller?

After Isolation, where some people unwillingly got involved in a nightmarish experiment on a deserted Irish farm, director is back with another claustrophobic spine-chiller. Scintilla is sci-fi set in a grim old Soviet military base.

Judging from the trailer, it will have you on the edge of your seat in excitement as you follow a disparate group of mercenaries hired to lead a special unit deep into a former Soviet state to retrieve data from an underground militia base. To their shock, they discover a horrifying creature in a secret underground laboratory of Soviet scientists...

But what is this shocking creature? Are you dying to get a better look of this new "Thing" that "has grown so quickly" and brings terror to the base? Will human blood be fused with alien DNA? While we are waiting for the release date, check out the trailer here:


The film stars , , , and .

(Source: YouTube via Bloody Disgusting)


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