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Mark Newton

Back in 1987, the concept of a man becoming a machine akin to RoboCop was the stuff of wild sci-fi dreams. In 2014, it's a lot closer to reality than you might expect.

Sure, we haven't quite reached the levels of sophistication showcased in 's RoboCop reboot, but it's certainly not a million miles away. Check out a new featurette which explains the real-life inspiration for the sci-fi tech of RoboCop below:


Pretty fascinating stuff, I'm sure you'd agree. However, having said that, I wonder if the RoboCop reboot will be as cerebral as some of these featurettes have claimed. has claimed the movie is an allegory for today's controversial use of drones, but I wonder if that message will get drowned out by the sound of gunfire? All the videos and trailers we've seen so far certainly suggest that. I guess we'll find out when the movie hits on February 12th.

If you want to read more about sci-fi and its association with modern technology, why not read this great editorial about the use of artificial super-intelligence. How do I know it's great? Well, because I wrote it of course! Check that out here.

In the meantime, why not drop me a comment telling me your expectations for the RoboCop reboot?


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