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Disney's brand new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction finally opened to massive crowds at Disney California Adventure, and it's safe to say that "Mission: Breakout!" was a huge success. But while fans were queuing for hours to get in on all the action and eighties tunes, many failed to notice a mysterious new feature that may hint at something much larger.

A strange hatch bearing The Avengers "A" has popped up in a garden bed to the right of the Guardians attraction. vice president Ryan Penagos posted the following revealing video of the "Mighty" object to Instagram:

What Is That Thing And Where Did It Come From?

It's unknown what, if anything, lies beneath the hatch. It might be a doorway to a new attraction, the beginning of an underground tunnel, or perhaps a door that goes nowhere at all — a mere promotional prop. However, fans have their fingers crossed that it's actually a Marvel Easter Egg.

It may seem like the ultimate sneaky feat to install something so, well, obvious without anyone noticing. But the truth is, the park has already tried to promote it.

During the "Mission: Breakout!" premiere party, one attendee noticed an area next to the party had been quarantined by none other than some very official-looking S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. While some stood guard, others were running in and out of the tent, including one dressed in a hazmat suit.

This was an obvious marketing ploy by Marvel to drum up some intrigue surrounding what the tent could be hiding. The scene was reminiscent of the area that was cordoned off around Mjolnir in Thor:

'Thor'/The quarantined area [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Jazzy Reale YouTube]
'Thor'/The quarantined area [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Jazzy Reale YouTube]

Is Marvel Land Confirmed?

Considering Penagos' use of the hashtag , it's fairly obvious that The Avengers will have some presence at Disney California Adventure in the future. But could this be hinting at an actual Marvel Land?

Rumors of Marvel Land have been circulating ever since a Marvel Superheroes Theme Park was announced for Dubai in 2007. The park was never opened, and Disney acquired Marvel just two years after the announcement, opening up the possibility of a large Marvel installment at Disneyland.

Disneyland president Michael Colglazier recently told Los Angeles Daily News that not only was the new attraction helping to relieve some of the park's capacity issues, but it could mark the start of a larger expansion:

"There are not many locations left to make an easy expansion for Disneyland Resort. I think 'Guardians' gives us a place to expand. We’re excited for this to be an anchor, and there are so many stories in this [Marvel] universe that people are fans of. The hard part is figuring out what to tell."

What do you think is under the hatch?

(Source: Los Angeles Daily News)


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