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For decades, has released a plethora of successful projects, gaining the wonder of children around the world. Throughout Disney's history, not only have their stories shared similarities, but by looking closely, we can see that their characters also share much more than we thought. Despite being in another world, some characters appear as nearly otherworldly versions of the other. You may even be comparing two Disney characters in your head right now! Now, let's dive in to a whole new world, and discover the striking similarities between some of Disney's most famous characters.

4. Grandmother Fa ('Mulan') And Tala ('Moana')

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

I'm sure we're more than familiar with these two wonderful grandmothers. Let's start with Grandmother Fa, who is elderly yet full of life, wisdom, and some may think a little bit crazy. Now, Tala is also a vibrant grandmother who offers comfort and encouragement, just as a grandparent should.

These two women aren't only wise and supportive in their granddaughters' journeys, but they are both well versed in the traditions of their culture. Despite that fact, the two grandmothers continued to encourage their granddaughters to break the chains that bind them, and to set out on their life-changing journeys. If only we lived in a world where these two had an animated series together.

3. Princess Belle ('Beauty And The Beast') And Jane ('Tarzan')

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

These two belles of the ball have quite a bit in common. No, it's not just the brown hair, and their undying love for the color yellow — it's much more than that! Jane is a young and intelligent woman who went out of her way to not only understand, but accept an individual who would otherwise be forgotten. Though Tarzan seemed to be more beast than man, Jane saw the opposite.

Just like Ms. Porter, Belle also fell in love with a beast who was feared and rejected by the rest of the world. These two ladies are alike in their free-spirit, as they stepped out of their assumed conformities to naturally understood what everyone else couldn't; what everyone refused to understand. They both found a man within a beast.

Check out the final trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast, arriving in theaters this March:

2. Merida ('Brave') And Moana ('Moana')

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Born as a princess, but with the heart of adventure, this young woman wanted to create her own destiny. Know which one I'm talking about? Both of them, of course! Both Merida and Moana were born into royalty, expected to fit into their role of being the princess. Although they both have nothing but love and respect for their family, the two still wanted to set out on their own voyage, in order to shape their destiny.

Merida exudes bravery and boldness, while Moana embodies courageousness and adventurousness. While both princesses share the same daring traits, they are still soft at heart. They're definitely not your typical Disney princesses! Here's to more like Merida and Moana.

1. Maui ('Moana') And Genie ('Aladdin')

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Are you excited? Are you filled with glee, as you mull over the similarities that these two mystical guides share? I sure hope so, considering I saved this for last, assuming it was the best. Anyways, both Maui and Genie serve as support for a young traveler. Not only that, but they're both wonderful singers. Of course, that comes with the territory, since you know — it's Disney!

One other neat trait that they share is the ability to shape shift. During both films, these fan favorites have caused us to double over in laughter with some of their hilarious transformations. Maui with his half-shark, half-human body, and Genie with his Thor get-up. Aside from their hilarity, these two share a kind heart, and a sturdy foundation that their main characters could rely on.

What do you think? Know of any other pairs? Go nuts in the comments below!


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