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When most little girls say they want to be princesses, they often imagine themselves wearing a beautiful dress, living in a castle, and eventually finding their prince charming. While that's still true to some degree, the idea of what it means to be a princess is being redefined as a girl who is strong, independent, and capable of being a force of change to everyone around them. And Disney's newest campaign is encouraging girls to be more than a pretty face in fancy clothes.

The photography campaign is a global initiative to inspire kids to dream big and be their own Disney princesses. Whether they are inspired by Belle's courage and intelligence or Cinderella's good heart to treat everyone with kindness no matter who they are, these are stories young girls can live by.

Disney collaborated with photographers from all over the world to capture real-life role models who are chasing after their dreams. People are urged to either like a public image using the or post their own photo using the same hashtag to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Disney Worldwide Services will donate $1 US dollar for each action to the organization Girl Up.

The mission statement of Girl Up, part of the United Nations Foundation, is to help support girls and young women to be educated and take action in their communities where it may be hardest to be a girl. The funds raised by this campaign will go towards Girl Up's leadership development programs to increase their club base globally and build their online community and reach.

If you search the hashtag on Twitter or go to Girl Up's Instagram account, there are already plenty of beautiful images taken of girls who are working towards their dream. The images also show that there is no one-size-fits-all princess. Each are unique individuals who have a goal they want to accomplish in life.

For instance, a photo of 12-year-old Nandini of Mumbai, India dreams of pursuing an education for herself:

There's also the girl who dreams of being a CEO of her own company one day:

What these images tell us is that when you encourage young girls to reach for the stars, anything is possible, which is a common theme of the stories told about Disney princesses. They are also the bright faces of a future working towards a better tomorrow.

The campaign is going on now through October 11. For more information on Disney's campaign, visit their website.

Which Disney princess was your biggest inspiration?

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