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is continuing the momentum with the live-action adaptations of their classic films, this time with the 1941 film Dumbo. While it has already been announced that will direct the adaptation, much like he did Alice in Wonderland, very little is known about Disney's newest venture.

Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures
Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

However, Deadline is reporting that Disney has its eye on a particular actor and is looking to cast in the remake of this classic animated film. Smith is better known for his action films, currently best known for his role as Deadshot in and the DCEU.

But he has done voiceover work before in the movie Shark Tale. Perhaps he would be the voice of Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo's trusty sidekick, or Jim Crow, who teaches Dumbo how to fly, or a completely new on-screen character that won't be just a voice.

I am not sure how well Dumbo would be adapted to live-action, however, with how well did last year, it isn't surprising that they are adapting this; they did a great job with making CGI animals look realistic in Jungle Book. Here's hoping that Disney has another hit on their hands!

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