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From the company that brought you Mickey Mouse, Frozen's incessant earworm 'Let It Go' and your unshakable childhood wish to become [insert princess / prince here] now comes 's latest creation: robotic sentient life.

Yes, that's right, Disney has just signed a new patent which would allow them to create a series of robots which they would use within the Disney Land resorts for "interaction with a human." While this will make fans of HBO's Westworld shudder in their human skin, 's host of robotic creatures could offer some new and exciting possibilities for the park.

We've all seen the idyllic scenario that was Jurassic Park, right?

Disney's Robots Are Made To Interact With Humans

'Flubber' [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures]
'Flubber' [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures]

Patenting a robot which has soft skin and whose body is, according to, somewhat filled with air or gas (hopefully not the sulphuric kind), Disney's park-friendly robots will be operated by remote controllers so as to try to ensure safety at all times.

According to CNN, Disney's patent application specifically requests for a robot that will:

"move and physically interact like an animated character...[that has been] adapted for soft contact and/or interaction with a human.”

The Prototypes Looks Incredibly Similar To A Well Loved Disney Character

'Rendition Of The Outer Casing' [Credit: US Patent & Trademark Office]
'Rendition Of The Outer Casing' [Credit: US Patent & Trademark Office]

Included alongside their patent application was a digital rendering of the body design for the robotic character. With it's rotund, bulbous body, the design looks uncannily like Baymax from Big Hero 6:

'Big Hero 6' [Credit: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures]
'Big Hero 6' [Credit: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures]

Given Baymax's warm and gentle nature, we can but hope that his possible robotic inclusion in the Disney theme parks in the near future will be as peaceful as his on-screen counterpart.


Which of Disney's characters would you most like to meet in robotic form

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