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Now, for many people, the idea of working for the same company for 75 years probably sounds like a horrifying ordeal from which no joy could ever possibly escape. After all, that's longer than many lifetimes. If the company in question, though, is , and the person in question's level of of involvement has ranged from making the coffee to running the whole damn place, then it's surely a little less soul-destroying, right?

That, at least, seems to be 's takeaway from his three quarters of a century working with Marvel Comics (it's actually 77 years, technically, if you go from his first employment there, but it seems that is counting from his first published piece of writing back in 1941 rather than from when he started working as an assistant at Marvel's one-time guise of Timely Comics back in 1939). And, as it turns out:

Disney Just Honored Stan Lee's 75 Years At Marvel In Unique Fashion

Yup, that's right, they made him a bronze sculpture of and , who it seems are hanging out together for some reason. Which, of course, isn't an especially original thing to do — many people are given sculptures every day — except in the crucial sense that the bronze in question is one-of-a-kind. Which, for you ardent collectors out there, means that Stan Lee now owns yet another unique item that you will never be able to purchase.

Though, since the man is 93, and co-created half of the world's favorite superheroes, it's probably worth giving him a break on that count. After all, if anyone's earned the right to hoard shiny objects that symbolize their lifetime of comic book-themed achievement, it's Stan "the man" Lee. And Smaug. Always Smaug.

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