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Jordan Leech

Disney and Paramount have reached a deal over marketing and distribution rights for the Indiana Jones franchise. The deal ensures Disney has at last removed any remaining barriers in the way of them producing more Indiana Jones films. They are now free to capitalize on the other blockbuster creation of with impunity!

Though I can't say I am too disappointed. It's probably best for all of us that if a new film be made, that George Lucas has as little to do with it as possible. After Disney announced they had on board for the new Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, I actually began to have faith in the franchise again, despite the terminal damage caused by the prequels.

Though another film has yet to be announced for the Indiana Jones franchise, one has to wonder what reason Disney would have to negotiate the deal, which grants Disney full marketing and distribution rights, as well as full ownership of Lucasfilm. Clearly, they are aiming at more Indiana Jones' films.

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Are you excited to see a new Indiana Jones film? Should Shia LeBeouf come back?


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