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I didn't think Disney could possibly get any more on board the merchandise train, yet here they are announcing that from October 2017, you can take an actual Marvel Superhero themed cruise. The news is utterly marvellous and we can't wait to see how our favorite heroes react to being all at sea.

So far we know the cruise is a day-long outing, where fans can hang out with all the likes of Thor, Spidey and Hulk. In anticipation of this awesome aquatic adventure, we've gathered all of the facts Disney have dropped so far and worked out what we'd love to see from the cruise.

What We Know So Far About The Disney Marvel Cruise

According to Disney Cruise Line Blogs, children and fans alike will be able to meet and greet all the superheroes while onboard. You'll be able to get Spiderman's autograph, take a selfie with Captain America and maybe even the chance to swing Thor's hammer – if you're worthy, of course.

On top of that, there'll be a huge deck party and show. After all, it wouldn't be Disney without a super showstopper, right? You can expect pyrotechnics, choreographed fight scenes and a showcase of the largest collection of heroes and villains ever assembled on a cruise ship. Think the Avengers, but bigger and better and on a boat.

Disney Cruise Line Blog
Disney Cruise Line Blog

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What We'd Love To See Onboard

1. Climbing With Spider-Man

How cool would it be if there was a climbing experience with Spider-Man? A chance for fans to scale the walls like the web-shooting hero. There could easily be a climbing wall on the cruise liner and who wouldn't love to be certified by Peter Parker for their gravity-defying abilities?

2. Test Your Strength With The Hulk

It would be wonderful fun see just how strong you are against the strongest of all. There could be a punchbag that records your strength or a smash game that allows you to smack the villains to smithereens. What a wonderful way to wear out the children just before bedtime.

3. Swing Thor's Hammer

Remember those hammer games you'd have at the fair or circus? I'm thinking that – but better. This would allow you to take Thor's hammer and whack the target as hard as possible, setting off the alarm bells, naming you a true superhero.

4. Protect Yourself With Captain America's Shield

Imagine, if you can, a mini assault course and in order to make it through without being shot at you have to use Captain America's shield. I think a game with lasers would easily track your scores as they hit either your vest or the shield. The question is, can you make it out alive?

5. Create Your Very Own Iron Man Suit

Using a touchscreen computer, you would be able to put together your own hero suit complete with all the gadgets, then using the magic of photoshop, your image could be placed onto the suit for a souvenir you can take home.

The possibilities are truly endless and with Disney and Marvel working together we have no doubt the cruise will be out of this world. We're looking forward to seeing how they incorporate all the heroes, especially my favorite, Black Widow. Only a year to wait until you can take to the high seas with the supers and the villains.


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