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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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If there's one thing the world loves more than a Princess, it's a young hero(ine) in a galaxy far, far away clutching a lightsaber.

The internet is full of brilliant art which reimagines Disney's most popular Princesses as lightsaber-wielding Jedi, but now a group of insanely talented cosplayers have gone one step further and transformed several iconic Disney heroines into characters for real.

They're called the Jedi Princess Squad, and to say that they're all kinds of is a bit of an understatement. Be warned, though — after seeing these, your next Halloween outfit will probably feel insanely basic.

Belle ('Beauty & The Beast')

First up, we have Belle (armed with an awesome Lumiere triple-beam lightsaber) and the Beast, Chewie-style, looking superbly dapper. She's cosplayed by Elizabeth Rage and Chewbacca is Dan Young.


Rian Synnth is a seriously talented cosplayer (check out her Instagram for more of her work) who did an ace job of turning the brave warrior Mulan into a Jedi Princess, seen here using the Force to levitate her lightsaber...

Ariel ('The Little Mermaid')

As Disney's Princess of the ocean, cosplayer Jessica arms Ariel with an awesome trident lightsaber. You can find her as maidofmight on Instagram, where she rocks it as Gwen Stacy and looks exactly like Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Peter Pan

Sure, Peter Pan isn't actually a Princess, but it would be shady to deny him a chance to join in the fun, and here he does an awesome job with a simple green lightsaber. Pan is cosplayed by enormous Spider-fan bboyspiderman.

Snow White

Amber Arden serves up a fresh take on Snow White (dwarves just out of shot), looking like she would fit right in on Jakku or Tattooine. Click for more of Amber's cosplays.

The Squad

Finally, the entire Jedi Princess Squad posed for their photographer (the epically talented Lsharma) in this group shot which would probably send a jolt of fear through the First Order if they happened to be browsing Instagram (that's all Kylo Ren does on his lunch breaks).

Everyone involved in this shoot did a great job, and if there's any better Princess-as-Jedi cosplay out there, I haven't seen it.

The brilliant header image art was made by the talented Dmolech on Tumblr, FYI.

How would you bring together the worlds of Disney and Star Wars in your ultimate cosplay?


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