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In the world of , Disney princesses are a popular source of inspiration. We've seen princesses catching Pokemon, political princesses losing their health care, princess squad goals, princesses with normal body shapes, Slave Leia cosplay princesses, and more. With so many options to choose from, it's refreshing to see a back-to-basics version of these classic beauties. Illustrator and artist Isabelle Staub decided to do just that, recreating these Disney heroines in her own realistic, unique digital portraits.


Jasmine's features are slightly more human and less cartoonish, but she's still the spunky princess we know and love.


Phwoar. If Ariel looked like this in the movie, it might not have taken Eric three whole days to realize he loved her.


The detail in Tiana's hair is absolutely gorgeous!


Staub totally captured the dreamy, fairy-tale quality of this 1959 masterpiece.

Check out the rest of the princesses and even more artwork from Isabelle Staub on her Instagram page.


Which of these princess portraits is your favorite?


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