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If you're familiar with Disney Princesses, you know that they are always accompanied by an adorable and somewhat over-the-top sidekick who gives them sound advice on their romantic problems. On top of that, you're also familiar with the pocket monsters game Pokémon Go that took over your social feeds this summer. Enter New York-based costume designer and illustrator Wilberth Gonzalez who gave these sidekicks the Pokémon upgrade in these epic fan art pieces.


Here we see the beautiful Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty with her forest friends Butterfree, Farfetch'd and Oddish. Weirdly, she managed to catch a Farfetch'd without any problem.


The beautiful sea maiden Ariel has a Gyarados tail instead of her usual fishtail. To give her sound advice are her Pokémon companions the all-knowing-Jamaican-accent Krabby and the shy flapping fish Magikarp. With of course a Starmie top.


Cinderella's usual Disney sidekicks (and villain) get the Pokémon upgrade and become Meowth, Rattata, Raticate, and Pidgey.


Along with Jasmine, we see her loyal pet Arcanine accompanied her new friend Mankey. With Spearow keeping an eye on their activities.


It's typical to have a Dragonair as a Disney Pokémon sidekick, but, also a future Butterfree. However, in this case, it's not that free.


To accompany his fiery personality in this Pokémon fan art, Maximus becomes a more spirited Rapidash. While Rapunzel's pet chameleon, best friend, and confidante becomes a creepy Squirtle.


Our Brave heroine magically changes to a Tangela with red hair. Thus, unwillingly becoming The Witch's Pokémon sidekick.


While walking down the forest with her Pokémon sidekick crew consisting of a Slowbro, Eevee, and Doduo.

Snow White

The gang of Mr. Mimes will keep Snow White safe from her evil stepmother.

I for one want to see a completed Disney Pokémon sidekick set, even if the collection may never see an end.

If you thought you knew everything about Disney, then tell us how many of these facts you already knew:

What Do You Think of a Disney/Pokémon Crossover?

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